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Petroleum in the Freshwater Environment, An Annotated Bibliography, 1946-1993
standard by American Petroleum Institute, 03/01/1997



The growing concern for petroleum contamination in freshwater ecosystems led API to generate an annotated bibliography to serve as a valuable resource of existing literature on petroleum and its impact on the freshwater environment. It cites literature from 1946 through 1993 on the impact of petroleum products and oil spill cleanup agents on the biota of freshwater ecosystems, on thechemistry and fate of petroleum and cleanup agents in freshwater, and on the review of cleanupmethods in freshwater systems. The electronic companion infobase has been prepared in twoversions to enhance the value of the annotations: The VIP editable version of the infobase allows the user to add new references, make personal annotations (e.g., bookmarks, notes, highlights, and pop-ups), and delete unwanted references. The standard non-editable version is read-only. Both versions are completely searchable; each word in the bibliography is indexed.

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